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How does the economy run? You will be surprised on the nature of money. Check this out…

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One Comment on “The Zeitgeist”

  1. michaelborja Says:

    Makes you wonder about the assasination of the late Philippine Senator…

    CIA murdered Ninoy

    Twenty six years had past but the enigma on the assassination of Ninoy remained undecoded.

    Who killed Ninoy?

    Conventional knowledge dominates saying it was the late President Marcos who plotted it as he was the obvious culprit during that era. But come to think of it, Marcos, proven politically genius by our history is unlikely to commit such an atrocity because he knew fingers will point at him.

    Prior to that clutter event, Malacañang was keeping behind close doors because of Marcos illness. During that time, he was suffering from Lupus erythematosus, a chronic inflammatory disease that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs. In his case, his malady focused on his kidneys. Marcos then was so ill that it is not feasible for him to plan the assassination.

    Then, who killed Ninoy?

    Theories arised pointing CIA. The CIA has been involved in the in the toppling of free world leaders. Their modus operandi is to hide in the name of liberal democracy but it was the contrary. To mention some, the CIA was involved in the exile of Batista and the installation of Fidel Castro in the first communist country in the American continent. They set up Somoza for murder and assisted the Sandinitas in the Commu-Naziizing of Nicaragua. They set up the Shah of Iran for expulsion, spearheaded the assassination of Diem in Vietnam, and the Prime Minister of Italy in 1978.

    The Aquino assassination was intended to murder Marcos politically and surrender the sovereignty of the Philippines to the “socialite socialists”. The US had had enough of Marcos, and they thought of discrediting him. For some reasons like the US didn’t like Marcos negotiated for the Amendment of the 1947 Military Bases Agreement (MBA). During his first visit in the US on September 1966, the MBA lease for 99 years was reduced to 25 years then further reduced to five years making the Philippines acquire its “final liberation”. Another is the sending of medical aides instead of military troops for US during the Vietnam War. In the case of Aquino, they had no reservation in removing him from their way to advance the cause of the world government.
    Cory took the presidency, becoming in control of everything after the Martial Law but seemed didn’t take the feat to look at different angles and uncover the truth. This means only two things, either the Aquinos have given up all hope on the case, or they have been lying between their teeth. What are they hiding?

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